Who is that “mocking” me?

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Cell phones, what would we do without them? Believe it or not ┬áthere are some people that does not own one, my parents! Okay, they are ages 80 and 83 and a bit behind when it comes to today’s technology. As I tell this true story remember that my parents did not graduate to a push button home phone until it became mandatory through the local phone company. Yes, theirs is a 1960 model dial, hang on the wall, rings so loud people think a storm siren has been activated phone, it still hangs on their kitchen wall. And, they use it to talk on {technology debilitates it from dialing anyone}.

As the story goes, {this is only one of many}, I call my mom from my cell phone. Mom answers her usual “Hell-lo?”. It always seems as though she is asking a question when she answers! The conversation begins, except mom seems a bit hesitate in replying to my part of the conversation. In a mom’s upset kind of voice, she says, “Who is that”?

I reply, “It’s me mom”.

She says, “There is somebody on this phone”.

“Yes, mom it’s just me.”

She says, “I don’t know who this is but, I’m on the phone”

{Yikes, I am beginning wonder if mom is okay?}

I say, “Mama, mama, listen, there is no one on the phone but me and you”

She says, {getting madder my the minute}, “somebody else is on this phone trying to talk to me”. “They are mocking me {her term for repeating}! {she pronounces it ‘mawking”}

Okay, I got it now, she is hearing an echo. I have a plan . . .

She repeats, “This is Juanita and I am on the phone”.

“They are still mocking me” she says

“Mom, mom”, she is just fussing on the other end!

Then I hear her say, “Lurk {my dad} somebody is mocking me on this phone!” and she hands the phone to him.

I explain the echo and I direct him to hang up and I’ll call right back.

He does, I do and mom still it not sure why someone was “mocking” her!

Note: Mom, loves to laugh, and she will laugh till she cries along with you as you laugh at her!

Gotta love her!




  • Sid Snead says:

    My parents are very close in age to your’s and don’t own a cell phone or a computer! My daddy thinks cell phones are such a waste; he probably wouldn’t have one if you were to give it to him!! But, they’re set in their old ways, as I’m sure I’ll be one day! I love them dearly though!!

  • Donna Wright says:

    This made me laugh. I can hear your mom doing this. I can picture that dial phone on the wall. Did you know that they bring a lot of money on ebay? Don’t know it for a fact but heard it somewhere.
    Keep on writing. I enjoy reading them.

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