Which Way Do I Point this Thing?

Posted by becky on April 22, 2011 in To Make You Smile |

Yeah, we all have done it, consciously or not! These remotes that controls our televisions, our stereos, our ceiling fans and even our lights. You name it, it probably comes with a remote control.

Of course there is the all important car remote. I have been fortunate to have one of these for a number of years now. I am not sure I could hit the key hole if I had to lock and unlock the car manually.

We all love them, we all use them and we don’t know what we would do without these all important car remotes. But to master the use of these things is not easy.

It is pouring down rain, the car is locked, the thunder rolls and the lightning cracks

and we exit the store. There are four of us, Todd holds the key. Todd literally holds “the key” but this key also holds the fact of all of us being soaking wet or even worse, struck by lightening.

Do all of these car remotes work similarly? Click once to open the driver’s door only. Double click to open all the doors. And, the red button, well, yeah, we’ve all done that one, it blows the horn!

You exit Wal-Mart to a horn blowing, everyone looking towards the third row from the left about 6 parking spaces back at a white Nissan, lights flashing and yes, the horn blowing. We fumble for our keys in an effort to stop the chaos so everyone will go on to their cars and not realize that this car belongs to . . . ME!  But, of course this could come in handy to scare someone as they walk by your car!

Back to us leaving the store in the pouring down rain and all the rolling thunder and cracking lightening . . . remember, Todd holds the remote! As the four of us tear out of the store to the car, TODD with the remote in hand, clicks it opens the door and jumps in! Yeah, he clicked it once! What about the rest of us? He looks across the car {he is inside, I am out} with this “why don’t ya’ll get in kind of look”? I pull the handle and simultaneously the two back door handles are pulled. They are not unlocked, he only clicked once!

With the devilish look that sometimes come over me I pierce him with my daggers shot directly from my eyes to his and mouth for him to unlock the doors. And, what does he do, he removes the key {he has already placed in the ignition} and points the remote directly at me clicking it! Since when does the remote control me {in his dreams}!

Okay, that doesn’t work so he {Todd} looks to the back door, points the remote in that general direction and clicks it! You crazy man, it doesn’t control that door either.

So now, we are wet, he is desperate to open the doors and begins to wave the remote in the air clicking ninety to nothing and the doors unlock!

Todd looks at me as the rain drips from my hair and smiles. As I smile at him, he says “Which way do I point this thing?”. Innocent mistake, problem solved, from now on I will control the remote!

Love you darling!



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