Under Smoke – Part II

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Continuation of Under Smoke- Part I:

Reluctantly I drive to the back of the abandoned-looking warehouse.  There are no lights and debris is scattered throughout the parking lot. As I round the corner of the building I hold my breath. As I slightly apply the breaks, Kim says, “Hurry, before they see us.”

“Before who see us?” I reply.

“I’ve already told you too much, must I keep on?” Kim said. “Boney, that’s who.”

“Who is Boney?”

“Let’s just hope you don’t find out,” said Kim.

“May we should just get out of here.”

“You just drive,” Kim says as her natural sweet tone is overtook by a voice unknown to me.

I drive on around. My body tingles with fear as I am uncertain of what awaits. It is so dark it seems as though my headlights are dim. I am breathing so hard that I feel as though I am struggling for each breath. This must be what it feels like to hyperventilate, oh, I can’t breath.

Kim seems to be calmer now. Even though she has not spoken again she has got to be able to sense my fear.

Okay, there is no one back here. I begin to ease up bit and can breath a little easier, reminding myself that this will soon be over and I can get home.

“What now?” I say.

“We are going to wait here for a minute,” Kim said bluntly.

“I thought you needed a ride back to Summeville, shouldn’t we get started?”

“I’ll let you know when and where we are going. Just give me a minute to get my thoughts together.” I couldn’t see Kim’s eyes, it was dark, but I know that those beautiful sparkling blue eyes of hers had to look like deep dark hollow pits at that moment. I could “see” it in her voice.

“Kim, please. I don’t know what it going on. I just wanted to help you as a friend. I am more than willing to take you back to Summerville with me. Let’s just go, okay?” My voice quivered. I could feel the tears as they began to creep up in my eyes.

Once again, I thought, I prayed, this will soon be over. I just had to keep my cool. I had to stop letting my mind tell me all the crazy scenarios possible.

Kim said, “Cut the car off and turn out the lights.”

“But it is a little chilly, don’t you want me to leave it running for the heat.”

“Cut-IT-OFF,” she said harshly.

I did. No questions asked. Something is so wrong with this picture. I noticed the clock on the car had said it was 6:26 a.m. I was suppose to call and wake Todd up at 6:30 a.m., he may have set his own clock but I always called to make sure he was up. I reached for my phone. I had placed it on the little flat place between the steering wheel and the speedometer so I could have easy access to it.

As I grabbed my phone, Kim grabbed my arm.

“What are you doing?” Kim said.

“I need to call Todd. I was suppose to call him at 6:30 to be sure he was up.”

“That’s not a good idea,” she said as she got my phone.

“Wait a minute, what do you mean?””We are getting out of her,e” I said as I reached for the ignition.

With the speed of a tiger Kim jerked the key from the ignition. With my phone in one hand and the key in the other she took a deep breath. “You will do what I say, when I say to do it!”

It was pitch black, I wasn’t sure if she still had my phone and key in her hand or laying in her lap or what. One thing I did know, this was making be very uneasy {to say the very least}.

We sat there quietly for what seemed like 10 minutes. I was trying to give her time to calm down. I was trying to give myself time to come up with a plan. I knew if Todd had set his clock and I had not called him by 6:45, he would call me. Should I tell her or just wait and let the phone ring?

About that time, the music began “Just a Dream”, how appropriate, maybe this was “just a dream” even though I don’t think that is the kind of dream they are talking about in the song. It was my phone ringing.

Kim looked on the front “Todd”.

I said, “Here I will answer it.”

“No you will no.t”

“But, if I don’t he will think something is wrong.”

“Or maybe he will just think you are sleeping,” Kim said.

The music soon stopped, the phone chimed he had left a message.

“Can I listen to the message,” I asked.

“Not now, let’s go,” Kim said.

“Here, no funny stuff,” she said as she handed me the key.

As I cranked the car she said “wait” as she tuned on the interior light. “Look, Becky, I am sorry. This is not what I intended. You have always been such a great friend to me. I remember all the fun we had years ago. When they wrote the definition of friend, you were it!. Just stick with me. Help me. I promise I will make it up to you.”

That was the Kim I remembered. Those blue eyes of hers were there but I could see that behind the blue were the dark hollow eyes I had imagined.

“You can go now. Go this way,” she said as she motioned to the right.

“But where are we going?” I asked.

“I’ll show you, it is just right up here and then we will head towards Summerville.”

As we pulled back onto the highway the same way we came in I thought we will just head home now. This is no big deal, Kim just had to get her head together.

“May I listen to my message?” I asked.

“No, that is not a good idea, he will just think you are still sleeping,” Kim said convincingly, the other tone was back.

Before I could say anything about my phone she said, “Turn, turn left right here”.

There were beginning to be cars out on the road and the daylight was coming fast. I looked on my rearview mirror and it indicated were headed SE. Home was NW.

Kim tried to roll down the window and it wouldn’t roll down she said, “Is your window broken?”

“No, it’s just locked, I can unlock it,” I said as I mashed the unlock button.

The window immediately went down and out went my phone!

“Kim, why did you throw my phone out,” as I slowed down.

“Just go. Drive. You don’t need your phone,” Kim said. Her voice was cold as ice.

(To be continued)

I will continue this Under Smoke series on Tuesday – check back!)



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