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Posted by becky on March 22, 2011 in Family & Friends |

As most of you know, APB stands for All Points Bulletin. This morning I was on the verge of contacting our local PD (Police Department) to file my first APB.

My heart sank like the Titanic as I surveyed the house this morning. Upon entering the house after taking my son to school, I felt it, something was different. The house was quite, the laptop still lay open on the coffee table, nothing out of place, just quite.

Then, it hit me, well actually that was it, IT was what was missing. Rose, our precious {I love to use that word when speaking of the ones I love} dog is the IT that was missing. I entered the kitchen, no Rose. I entered the hallway, her place of preference when trying to  keep an eye on every room in the house, no Rose. I looked in the bedrooms, the bathroom, the laundry room, NO ROSE!

As my heart began to turn up the volume and beat with force, I called for Rose. I opened the back door, I placed the first two fingers on both my hands in my mouth as I rolled back my tougue and whistled! Whistling is a techinque perfected by most southern country girls, you never know when we might have to call a pig or your man, it works for both! Even Rose always comes when I whistle. No Rose.

I tell my darling Todd, I must find Rose, jumping in the car my heart beats faster as I follow the path taken minutes earlier.

You see, Rose is a special dog {I would think so, huh}. She has several unique personality traits, for now we will just cover this one {some of the others will make interesting posts later}. In the past Rose has had a fear of doors. Yes, doors. It all began when I tied her leash to a door knob. She pulled, the door slammed, she freed herself from the leash like houdini and off she went to the races. Enough said, from that day on, Rose thought every door she went through was going to try to grab her by the tail {by the way, she doesn’t have a tail}. I know, you think she needs medication, maybe, but she is precious!

When we began our marathon training, we decided that would be a great opportunity for Rose to get out with us for some exercise. Ironically, the same leash that was the onset of the fear was the same leash becoming her alli in overcoming her fear of exiting through doors. Go fiqure, a dog with issues?  Maybe, but she is precious!

Talk about going around the bush the long way to get to the other side . . .

Rose has overcame this fear {may I say without medication} and now thinks that whether we leave the house on foot, in golf cart or automobile . . . she must lead the way. Going through {open} doors without fear.

Back to this morning, Rose passed through the door just before it closed and followed my son and I, unknowing and not telling to my darling Todd that she was leaving.

I passed through the neighborhood, calling for my dear Rose, whistling for her like calling the cows from the pasture, NO ROSE! I came back home, my darling Todd joined me, both of us inidated with the thoughts of Rose losing her trademark bandana and someone mistaking her for a stray coondog {it is amazing the “bling” a colorful bandana adds to her appearence}.

As we approached the school house hill, her pink bandana glistening in the sun, there she was. I called her name, she turned our way and streatched a stride like a dog at the dog races chasing that fake rabbit. In the blink of an eye she was at our side.

NO APB needed, but the thought did occur to me as we searched for our beloved Rose.



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