Rose It’s Raining

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I confess, I am spoiled to certain things. I also confess that I spoil others to. Why should Rose {dare I say d-o-g} be any different. She is spoiled rottenand for now I will just entertain you with this story.

Always keep in mind when I am telling you about Rose, she is a very unique mammal. One of a kind, you  have just got to love her from her looks to herpersonality traits.

She is spoiled to going on a nightly walk. If we have not gone out by dark, she will begin to pace the floors. You can hear her every step as her nails hit the floor like the drip of a faucet. Annoying? Yes. Before I get carried away let me get back to the story of Rose I wanted to share with you today.

When we go on our walk, she does her bathroom business {of course, d-o-gs do that}. She has never been “house-trained”, she just knows, being the smart d-o-g, she is!

Now, grant you she does not do her business on our street, or the next street or even the next street. We leave our sidewalk and turn left down our street, then we turn right onto rather busy street, then left onto another street and then take the first left onto another street and she does number one in the same yard {every time}. We walk on down that street around the curve passing by an small open field {no house on these few lots} and the first house on the right, fertilize it gets! She tried out several spots for a while but these two areas became her bathrooms of choice. Sorry if you are the one of choice but, when Rose is famous one day you can place a gold bone in the spot and charge admission! {you never know}.

Spot one is about a 1/3 of a mile from our house and spot two {literally} is about 1/2 mile away. That’s not far, even in a rush its only a one mile round trip.

A few nights ago we came in from running a errand, the storms had pasted and Rose wanted to go on her nightly walk. We checked the weather, some rain was coming but if we hurried we could make it.

I say, “Rose come on let’s go it’s about to rain”. With a perk in her step out the door she goes. She immediately leaves the sidewalk turns left, go to the end of our street turns right and I feel the rain. “Let’s hurry Rose”, I say. She continues ahead and takes the next left {the rain falls heavier}. She reaches spot one, deed done and she continues further away from our house {the rain continues to fall}. We round the curve, spot two is visible ahead through the rain hitting me in face, and the taste of the hairspray running from my hair.

“Okay, Rose, it’s raining”, “hurry it up”. She gets in position, does her deed and jumps up running {another personality trait of hers}. Back to towards our house we go, the rain continues to fall, the wind begins to blow and Rose is happy.

Upon returning home, all drenched, I remove Rose’s wet bandana, I take a towel to dry her off and she lies down at my feet happy, content and relieved.

The funny part is I would do it all over again.


Becky 🙂

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