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Will my son grow up to expect someone to wait on him hand and foot? I don’t know, I cannot predict the future. Did you ever wonder what makes us who we are as adults?  My first guess would be the people that we are most influenced by.

Confession time . . .

I wait on my son hand and foot. Yes, guilty as charged. Now, get this straight, you can ask anyone of his friends and they will tell you, I wait on them too! Why do I do this? Because I enjoy it, I don’t mind.

Who taught me this . . .

My mom. Hold on to your hat and have a seat ’cause you may fall out when I tell you a few things about my childhood. Ready {I’m not sure you are ready for this}. Here it goes.  My mom would not let me do anything, I do mean anything. I begged to cook. She said, “No”. I begged to mow the yard. She said, “No”. I started to make up my bed every morning {at age 18 or so} and she told me not to do that, I didn’t have time. I had NEVER put clothes in a washing machine when I got married at age 19.

This precious woman brought me a bowl of ice cream every night when I got home up until the day I married {remember that was age 19+}. Now tell me I wasn’t spoiled! I am the first to admit it. I never even had a “spanking”! Huh, I must have been some more angel! Yeah, and I just seen a cow jump over the moon, too has I was flying back up to heaven!

The only conclusion I can come to as why I am so willing to wait on my son {and his friends} hand and foot is because that is the way my mom has always been!

So, what makes us the way we are . . .

Will my son carry on the “hand and foot” repertoire. . .

Or, will he expect someone to always wait on him like mom {that’s me} has?

All I can promise you is that I enjoy every minute of fetching him Dr. Pepper’s from the fridge, carrying his snacks or sometimes meals to him. I love scratching his back or picking up his clothes {if need be}. Should I do these things? I don’t know.

He did not come with an Instruction Manual so I just made a copy of the one my mom used!


Becky 🙂

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