I Can’t Think When My Belly Is Full

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Big mistake, I found my favorite black pants! I searched high, I searched low, I searched everywhere, there they were in the floor of the closet. You know, how sometimes things just fall off the hanger and get lost in the chaos of the closet floor?

I love these pants, they look quite elegant {with heels} and are so soft and comfortable! Now, for a loose comfortable shirt to wear. I knew exactly the one, lime green sleeveless with the small flowing ruffles, I’ve only worn it once before {I think}. Yes, I searched high, I searched low and even looked in the closet floor, no lime green shirt. Need I mention that I have come across enough shirts to dress all of north Georgia but not that specific lime green sleeveless shirt with the small flowing ruffles I am looking for, oh, and did I mention it has a high neckline {I don’t know what that has to do with anything?}.

Okay, I am just about to give up and I see this drawer not quite closed. I go over to stuff the piece of clothing down in the drawer so it will shut and as I do what is that I see? It looks lime green, it couldn’t be but it is, the lime green sleeveless shirt with the small flowing ruffles {and high neckline}!

I’ve got the outfit together now, add some dangling earrings {I do love big dangling earrings}, a shiny bracelet, fluff the hair, add a little hairspray, slide on the black heels and away we go.

You may be wondering where are you going? To eat Mexican. There is this neat restaurant up in Chattanooga, their food is so good. Here is where the big mistake comes in!

These black pants I love so much are very giving. You may know what I mean because it is not like wearing jeans and the jeans “tell” us when they began to get a little uncomfortable it is time to stop eating. These black pants don’t say a word. I am fuller than a tick before I know it. I should have worn something that would talk to me!

Well, I had the look, I had the comfortableness, I just didn’t have the control. It doesn’t stop here. Boy, are these black pants giving. They are go giving andso silent that I decided I wanted a mocha milkshake from Steak N Shake. Yeah, I wanted one, I got one and I drank it to the last drop. These black pants are still  yet to say a word!

I come home to write a post for you my friends. What shall I write? {think} {think} {close my eyes, think}. No success. Why can I not think?

All I think about is, I am so full! Why did I eat so much? Why was I so adamant about wearing these black pants that couldn’t talk! Done deal now, no since in me fretting over actions in the past.

Lesson learned . . . I can’t think when my belly is full {and always wear pants that can talk!}.



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