How Many is TOO Many?

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As we approached the exit, he said, “I want to stop by here.”

I said, “Are you sure you are able, I’ll just go in.”

He would not hear of it, he wanted to be a part of the decision of which one to buy.

For Christmas a few months earlier Santa had brought Hampton a stretch monster {popular toy at the time}. Hampton and his dad always enjoyed checking out the toys and the boxes they came in. Each box was opened with care as not to tear away any of the writing and pictures. They would examine the back of each box to see the other similar items that were available. That is all it took, the mission had begun to collect them all!

The First One

As usual, after the Christmas rush many toys are no longer available or sparse in variety. This was one of them. We had lucked up and found one to give Hampton for Valentine’s Day. This is a story by itself.

After purchasing the monster, we had to go to Boston to see doctors. Hampton’s dad insisted to take the monster with us and give it to him on Valentine’s Day. Well, that would not have caused any undue trouble but, these things were about 2-foot tall, a foot wide and filled with sand {yes, heavy}. Too heavy to put in the luggage {the way I pack there wasn’t room any way} and it would fill up any carry-on. So, determination took over and we placed it in the pillowcase with Hampton’s favorite pillow {that use to be his dad’s}. Imagine, a huge suitcase, a carry-on, a mini television, Hampton’s backpack, a bag of snacks, my purse {weighs a ton on its on}, a 4-year-old and a monster in the pillowcase. That is why mom’s are “all arms”!

The reveal and Hampton and his da-da playing.

Back to the other monster story. He has begun a mission, to get Hampton every monster on the back of the box. Silly? Maybe, but a father and son’s goal, that he would reach regardless of the way he felt.

Yes, he was sick. After spending four days at the hospital in Atlanta {a health vacation every 21 days} receiving chemo day and night for the four days, feeling the nausea and fatigue that follows the regime, he was determined to stop by the toy store to fulfill their mission.

I now think of the irony, buying a monster while fighting the biggest monster of our lives.

As we entered the store, I grabbed a buggy. The buggy served as a walker to assist the unstable legs of a proud man. There they were, few as they were, monsters on the shelf. Each one was examined and the choice was made. A brave soldier was bringing a trophy home to his son.

The pride was apparent as we traveled the journey home. Hampton did not need any more toys, he had more than most. People would comment that he has too many as it is.  But, in a father’s eyes who was fighting a monster and the test of time “how many is too many?”

Even though the monsters are packed away, Hampton still has the trophies of the mission that his dad completed through all the fear and fatigue of a real monster snapping at his heels.

A tribute to the da-da that completed the mission, Stacy McWhorter.

With love,

Becky & Hampton

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