Do They Make Band-Aids that Big?

Posted by becky on April 7, 2011 in From the Heart |

One of my stresses is watching my 12 year old son ride his skateboard. Yes, I had one. Yes, I fell. And, yes, I survived. My poor mom, no wonder she was a nervous wreck.

I hold my breath as Hampton takes his skateboard from under his arm and he smoothly lowers it to the pavement. He puts one foot in front of the other on the board approaching the hill as the wheels on the skateboard turn faster and faster. I want to say “you be careful”, “watch out for pebbles and sticks”, “be careful there is a curve”. I bite my tongue. I hold my breath. Minutes later I walk around the curve in anticipation of him standing holding his skateboard or will he be wiping away the trash from the skins on his knees?

Its been the uninjured version up to this point.

So, let’s put this into perspective. A skinned knee or elbow that needs a band-aid. Yeah, there could be worse injuries, but the majority are the injuries that a band-aid would cover and an injury that will heal.

As I watch a clip of a family and the obstacles they continue to overcome, I think, how shallow am I. Me, the mom that is stressed over her 12 year old son riding a skateboard because I am afraid he might need a band-aid.

The family I watched on this show was a young couple {looked to be in their early 30’s}, the mom was a beautiful petite brunette with a smile that lit up the room, the dad was stocky built with eyes that sparkled with pride and two young boys around the age of 18 months and the other 4 years old. What a beautiful family, the American dream.

This family {though not apparent now} have been trudging trough things that I forget is even exist.  Their son {now 4} at age 2 complained of some pain, went to the pediatrician and test showed that he had traces of cancer in the majority of his fragile little body. Treatments would be necessary to try to get the beast {their term} under control.

As I said before, they have another son. At the time of the older son’s diagnosis the baby was only a few months old. He had been born with a hole in his heart. The baby would have surgery upon his little fragile body being able to withstand the complicated procedure.

How do you handle one of your children with a life threatening disease, much less two? My heart quivers as I think of the stress and heartache this young family endures.

Both children are doing better the youngest made it through the surgery and there will be surgeries in the future. The older still has his “tubies” in place for treatments and blood draws, hoping to get those removed soon. When asked what he wanted to do once his “tubies” were gone, he said, “go swimming”.

Now, tell me, where do you find a band-aid large enough to cover those children’s injuries?

. . . and I am worried about my son skinning his knee.



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