Do my humans ever sleep?

Posted by becky on April 6, 2011 in All about ROSE, Family & Friends |

Reading the suggested writing from Bloggymoms for today (what is a typical night at your house), this thought came to mind as Rose stared at me with those half-open brown eyes as her eyebrows danced to her breathing like a bug on a hot rock. Rose seemed to say “are you up again already”. In Rose’s words {as interpreted by me, Becky}:

My name is Rose, I am a part Blue Heeler and Red Bone Hound Mix, I am colored-up with patches of brown, patches of black and white, black, brown and gray polka dots. Who doesn’t like polka dots, therefore, yes, house people I am! There is just one thing about the house- thing that seems to get in my way sometime. No, it is not food, I am feed every time my family eats and even in between. No, it is not the bathroom issue, I can hold it for days if need be {my record so far a little over 26 hours}. And, no, it is not my family going off on vacation, I go too!

So you might ask what could be the problem for a house people like me that eats, can hold her business and goes on vacation? There is one major thing that is required by all living and breathing mammals {that’s us people}. Dr. Oz says that all “people” need 6-8 hours of sleep per night! PROBLEM! My mom and owner, never sleep!

Maybe I am exaggerating the truth a bit but they stay up late and my mom gets up early! You might ask, “why don’t you just get somewhere quite and sleep”. A good house people like myself can’t let my mom go to another room without I follow her! There might be something in the kitchen or bathroom that would try to harm her. It is my job to protect her {and I am johnny-on-the-spot in this category}!

Oh and I forgot to mention, I hear them {my family} talk about me having a “nerve problem”. I didn’t know I had this nerve thingy, I just jump a lot whenever someone makes a sound or just moves! Yeah, you guessed it my mom makes noises and moves a lot so I jump the whole time she is awake! Bingo, not much sleep.  Besides my owner, Hampton, he isn’t nick-named “Coffee-bean” for no reason! Last night he had a friend over and they were on an all-night-er {he’s on spring break this week}!

The nights around our house consist of the usual activities {from what I watch on television} of eating supper, doing homework,and  tucking Hampton in bed {on school nights}. Time for my mom to go to bed now, right? {that’s the way they do it on t.v.} and I the faithful house person I am I would lie down beside the bed to protect her. There is one kink in this cog, just last night she went to bed at 5 a.m. and her feet hit the floor {literally, I was lying in my spot beside the bed} at 8:30 a.m.! Okay, I’ve got to try to figure out how to work this DVR so I can tape Dr. Oz for my mom and Hampton.

So a typical night at our house is late to bed, early to rise and all the little house people never get to close their eyes! ‘Cause my humans never sleep!

Licks and shakes,


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  • Rita says:

    Thanks Becky!! I am glad that someone else in our family refers to our little furry friends as people!!! Miss Kitty is a little person here at the house and I refuse to let them call her that dreaded three letter word—-CAT.

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