Circle of Love – A Tribute

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Everyday couples get married. Along with the marriage they place rings on the ring finger of their left hands.  What does this exchange of a material object mean? Following is my thoughts . . . I would love to hear yours! This is my story!

Circle of Love

Two young people place golden bands on their left ring finger.  These golden bands represent holy matrimony.  The simplicity of the bands of gold reveal they are not embellished with precious stones but they hold jewels all their own.  The bands show commitment, respect, patience, honor and love that give two people the stamina to take on the world together.  The bands hold a love story to share with everyone.

Teenagers come together at a local restaurant on a cool February afternoon.  The restaurant draws the teenagers together like bees to honey.  A girl catches a young man’s eye.  The young man introduces himself to her and requests her phone number.  The girl a little hesitant, but intrigued, writes her number on a napkin.  The girl at home preparing for the next day, the phone rings, a voice from another room says, “The phone is for you”. The girl answers the phone and her heart beats so fast she could win the Indy 500.  The young man from the restaurant is calling.  The young couple hangs up and the girl falls off to sleep feeling that she is hanging from a cloud in anticipation of the upcoming day.

The next day was a total blur for the girl with her continuous thoughts of the young man.  Time seemed to pass in slow motion, the day at school was finally complete.  She arrived home from school and the phone begins to ring.  They make a date for Saturday night.  She searches for the perfect outfit.  She rehearses what to say and what not to say.  Saturday night arrives and a sparkling blue and white Chevrolet truck pulls up out back.  Her heart melts like butter as she looks into his blue eyes, the color of the bluest sky.  Her heart is singing like birds in the morning.  On their date, they ate pizza and went to the movie.  He won her heart.  She fell head over heels in love.

Summer, winter and fall passed, the young couple dating steady began to discuss marriage.  They wanted to accomplish numerous goals and they decided to work diligently to accomplish these things before the wedding.  They made plans for all their dreams to come full circle into a marriage to last a lifetime.  Another year went by and the young couple bought a cute, quaint, four-room house to be their home.  They were married in the living room of their humble home in the summer 1985 with family and friends present for the event.  The couple placing a golden band on each other’s finger as symbols of the love they share.  The bands stand as icons that display to everyone their love, respect, honor and commitment to each other.  The bands peek the interest of the young and old.   A child curiously asks, “Mama why do you and dada wear those rings on your fingers”?  The mama smiles and replies, “Because mama and dada love one another and we became husband and wife.  These bands stand as a symbol of our love for one another”.  The child’s sweet voice says, “Oh okay”.  The child’s mind being embedded with the impression of the importance and commitment a simple golden band holds.

The couple’s plan not to remove their bands became threatened.  The once young man must undergo major surgery.  He must remove his golden band.  He reluctantly removes his golden band leaving a permanent indention on his finger.  Her eyes fill with tears as he places his band in the palm of her hand.  She slides the ring on a chain and puts the chain around her neck.  The ring hangs over her heart. His condition improves and she replaces the golden band on his left ring finger for eternity.  An eternity symbolized by golden bands.  Golden bands not embellished with jewels but bands embellished with a love story to last forever.

He never removed than golden band from his finger again. Losing his life to Cancer in 2004, he still wears the golden band for eternity.

In memory of my late husband, Stacy McWhorter.


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