Breastfeeding BABY DOLL {really}

Posted by becky on April 2, 2011 in Soapbox Moments |

I just saw this, the newest baby doll, it teaches young children how to breast feed. Okay, this is coming from a breast-feeding mom. I admit it, I breast feed my son until he was 23 months old {yes, I said 23 months}. One of the best decisions I ever made. I remember prior to going to birthing classes I had criticized people I know for “breastfeeding”, oh so ta-bu! I went to the birthing classes and I understood the advantages of this so-called “ta-bu” subject and my husband and I decided it was a good idea {okay my soapbox moment on the importance of breastfeeding another post}.

Back to the new Breastfeeding Doll. Now really, why do young girls need to “act” this out? It is one thing to see your mother breastfeed a sibling, but to actually go through the motions as a 5, 6 or 10 year old girl? I don’t think so, not a little girl on my watch!

These decisions are for a more appropriate time, like when the girl is pregnant with her first child. There is way too much time to make these decisions without pushing it on them at such a early age.

Wait a minute, and from the young boys point of view, they think all females are storing this milk in their breast like a ready-made cow? Imagine a young boy seeing his sister, cousin, or friend with a doll like this. Okay, the young boy thinks cool, I’m thirsty, give me some of that milk you are hiding behind that shirt! Maybe that is a little extreme {or maybe not} but let’s keep a little innocence in our children.

Enough speculation, I am 45 years old, I have seen very few people breastfeed during my lifetime. I am the first to say I thought this was not a good idea and ¬†even though it grossed me out before I was faced with the decision. I am proud that I breastfeed my son for 23 months. He is healthy, smart and doesn’t remember {per say} the breastfeeding and it would not matter of if he did!

I am PRO breastfeeding but anti teaching young children things they have no reason to know at such a young age. What is the sudden fad of young girls breasts {i.e. the Abercrombie and Fitch scandal}.

Please, let little girls be little girls. The womanhood will come out in time. Breastfeeding baby dolls, really? See the video below.


Breast Milk Baby Doll Teaches Girls About Nursing: MyFoxNY.com

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