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Following is a reading that I want to share.  This is a paper I wrote for English 101 several years ago. Now, years later, it touched my heart and reminded me of things I take forgranted in everyday life. May it have the same inspiration on you. Enjoy!


To see the world through the eyes of others influences the way I live my life.  My four-year-old son appreciates things in life that I take for granted.  My ninety-year-old grandmother has lived life to its fullest and she now awaits her destiny.  These two people are years apart in age but they are close together in their appreciation of the small, amazing things in life.

The influence my son has on my life is so sweet and unpredictable like eating a box of chocolates.  He has brought my attention and appreciation to the moon and the stars.  Because of the influence of my son, I now find myself looking up in the night sky as the moonlight waltzes with the stars, and my heart slow dances with my dreams.

My son has reminded me of the enjoyment of picking dandelions and making a wish as we blow the blooms into the spring air.  We take the time to listen to the birds sing and we watch the birds as they build nest for their babies.  Through my son’s interests, I am taken away by the miracles of nature that I had once lost to the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  I have realized that everything in life is a learning experience.  I see that everything is important in life and that the world and its experiences will mold my son into the person he will be in the future.

The influence and blessings I receive from the unconditional love that my son shares with me are indescribable.  The love felt for my son influences my life from second to second, minute to minute, and hour to hour.  My son is the nucleus of my world.

While my son has his whole life is in front of him, my grandmother awaits her life to end.  At age ninety, my grandmother has influenced my life since I was a child with her actions and comments.  My grandmother has assisted in the mixing of the mortar that has molded me into the person I am today.

My grandmother is an inspiration to me because of the way she has chosen to live her life.  She has been a widow for thirty-five years proving that a woman can independently overcome the loss of her husband.  I know through my grandmother’s example that I too can stand tall, put a hand on God’s shoulder and conquer any war on the horizon of life.

At age ninety my grandmother is in excellent health.  She is a prime example of eating right, being honest, working hard and having faith in the Jesus Christ.  My grandmother is a ninety-five pound little woman with a ninety-four pound heart of gold.  She thinks of everyone first, then someone else second and herself last.  Helping someone is the fuel for my grandmother’s heart and soul.

My grandmother has influenced me with the realization that hard work never hurt anyone.  She has worked at home, taken care of her family and worked in the cotton fields and glove mill and eventually retiring at age seventy-one.  She has always financially supported herself and saved for the future on her salary through her frugal ways.

My grandmother spends her days alone in a big white house on a dead end street waiting for someone to call or drop in.  She spends long lonesome days on the front porch watching the birds, the squirrels and the people as they work to build a life for themselves and their families.   She never complains.  She appreciates anything that shows a glimmer of life, a glimmer of hope or a glimmer of tomorrow.

My son and my grandmother are two people residing on the opposite ends of the spectrum of life.  The vulnerability and dependence of both of them is evident.  Both of them enjoy the little things in life with open hearts and open minds.  They both make it clear to me that whether age four or age ninety, or somewhere in between, I am to enjoy the little things in life to the fullest.

As I live my life, I hope to share with my son the influences I have received from my grandmother.  My son and my grandmother, one looking forward to life and the other anticipating the end of life, both of them with the mutual love for life that blooms into a garden of hope, appreciation and honesty that affects the way I look at the world.

By: Becky McWhorter


To fast forward to the present, my precious son is now 12 and I still learn from him everyday. My sweet grandmother found her eternal peace in 2007 at the age of 95, touching each and every person she ever came in contact with. My two angels . . . one on this earth and the other in heaven!


Here is a link to another inspiration post about my two angels http://chaoticbling.com/inspiration/


Me and my son about the time this was written.

Me and my grandmother about the time Age of Influence was written.

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